What to Expect

We love what we do and look forward to helping every patient that comes through the door. We believe in a partnership with our patients–one where we both give 100% effort to the rehabilitative process. We believe this is the best method for achieving success.

  • We believe in thorough assessments, one on one treatment and 100% effort.
  • We also believe that patients play the greatest role in their own success through active participation in rehab.
  • For many, physical therapy includes balance training, for others a vigorous exercise program, for many post surgical patients, it involves gentle stretching and ROM exercises without pain. Through our evaluations, we find out what you need and provide you with just that.
  • We value all our patients time and work very hard to run on schedule. Accordingly, we expect that all patients arrive on time and prepared for their treatment.
  • We also value privacy, cleanliness, efficiency and plain old-fashioned fun. We look forward to meeting you!