From pediatrics to adults, spine care to ergonomic assessments and laser therapy to ultrasound, we can treat just about any orthopedic condition.

Spine Care

Back pain is one of the most common barriers preventing people from experiencing a whole and happy quality of life. Our physical therapists are skilled in working with patients who have back pain due to either a traumatic accident or those that surface from the natural ongoing strains of life.

Post Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a traumatic experience to our bodies. Whether you need to help to get out of pain, reclaim mobility or simply need help laying out a road map for getting in shape again, we can help.

Post Surgery Care

We know surgery can be daunting, that’s why we aim not only to rehabilitate you from injury but to provide you with all of the direction and advice you need in order to feel confident and informed moving forward. Post-surgical recovery can be painful, we will not promise a pain…

Joint Care

We strive to help our patients recover from injuries, enable them to fulfill an active lifestyle, and maximize their quality of life through a very holistic practice. Whether a patient is recovering from a specific joint related injury/disorder or a more general condition, we recognize the importance of joint care.…


Although some may have a perception of physical therapy as being designed specifically for adults, we offer care for all age ranges, starting as early as 6 months. Our physical therapists personalize therapy sessions for every patient and excel in making younger clients feel safe, comfortable, and encouraged.


Headaches can bring you to your knees. We understand how debilitating they can be. Accordingly, we have logged some serious time building an individualized treatment approach that is based on high quality objective research--with great success. Our physical therapy approach centers on reducing pain and inflammation through a combination of…


Here at Plan Physical Therapy our therapists are trained to hone in on every detail that could be hindering your quality of life from reaching its fullest potential. One common, yet often overlooked issue is the lack of foot stability and support. When there is a dysfunction in this area…


Ergonomics is the study of making things easier to use for us humans. Whether that is to provide mechanical efficiency in gripping a piece of machinery, manipulating a work environment to minimize fatigue or redesigning a work process to improve efficiency or reduce strain to the human body, ergonomics has…