Body Positioning

Proper positioning of the body in a work area is fundamental to avoiding or recovering from an overuse injury. The most common solutions to poor positing while sitting are:

  • Increase hip to torso angle to greater than 100 degrees
  • Increased support of
  • Recline in seat to 15 degrees and maintain space between the lumbar spine and the chair back
  • Scoot the chair up to the desk surface so that keyboard and mouse may be reached without moving the weight of the arm off the armrest.
  • Increase top of monitor height to top of head level

Most Important considerations for standing work areas:

  • Split stance front to back for all tasks involving work in the front to back plane
  • Split stance side to side for all work in side to side plane
  • Put one foot up on a stool or elevated surface 4-8 inches above the ground when standing for long periods
  • Change positions frequently and use as stool if available for short periods of time maintaining contact with the ground with one foot at all times.
  • Draw gluteal muscle tight when lifting any object greater than 5 lbs.