Headache Triggers


Many healthy people have triggers to headaches. Their triggers are quite varied however there are many common triggers. Anxiety and stress is the most common trigger. To manage stress, listen to your body and know when to take quick breaks; close your eyes, breathe in deep and then slowly exhale. Working in a noisy environment can also set off a headache. Reduce noise when you are working with earplugs or headphone. Maintaining a routine sleep pattern is beneficial for keeping headaches away. When we are lacking sleep, body hormones affecting mood are less stable and the above triggers of headaches are amplified in effect. Sudden bright light like exiting a movie theatre during daylight are another cause of these variety of headaches. Simple things like putting on sunglasses before entering a brighter lit area or changing the lighting source to one that creates less glare on computer screens can help. If you suspect having a trigger caused headache, it is important to limit the exposure to the trigger source and develop a strategy for managing the headache once it occurs.