Obesity among the pediatric population is an epidemic. Obesity causes many health problems, some with more latent presentation than others. However one of the most common problems seen is orthopedic issues with the feet knees, and spine much earlier in life than seen before. This is in part to the lack of muscle development and coordination that goes hand in hand with inactivity which led to abnormal weight gain in the first place. However it has even more to do with the significant heightening of stress that goes through the joints with daily activities, the increase mass behind each lever around a joint, and the increased compressive force with torsion through all weight bearing surfaces. These factors significantly contribute to severe posture abnormalities, more severe ligament and tendon tears, and joint surface injuries respectively.


While treating the underlying cause of childhood obesity is paramount, physical therapy treats the source of the orthopedic problems but also identifies the weaknesses that contributes to the stress and injury and addressed them. Finally, with all patients dealing with this specific challenge, we are passionate about helping remold perceptions surrounding exercise and how to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into daily routine.