Knee Replacement Therapy


Knee replacement is a very common surgery today. It involves replacing the worn surface s of the knee with metal and high tech plastic while preserving the muscle and much of the ligament function around the knee. The knee replacement surgery requires cutting and drilling of bone and while it is a manageable recovery, it is an involved surgery producing a fair amount of pain. While staying ahead of the pain with pain medication is encouraged, immediate initiation of therapy is encouraged.


Starting therapy early is key to recovering from knee replacement surgery. Due to the significant amount of tissue involved in a knee replacement surgery, swelling, pain and limitation in motion is common during the first couple weeks. Treatment will focus on a regular icing regimen, passive and active stretching and simple exercise to ensure the muscle traumatized by surgery keep their tone and connection with the brain. The second stage of recovery is characterized by achieving full ROM through stretching, mobilization, and transition to greater volume of both non-weight bearing and weight bearing exercise.